Lenovo legion Y540 Truth

It has no Fingerprint Sensor , Display Resolution – 1920×1920 Pixels. Desktop-Caliber gaming on the Go : with 9th Generation Intel core i7 Processors, the Legion Y540 delivers performance paralleling desktops , with the portability of laptops. with 6 cores , 4.5 Ghz max speed, and an 12 Mb Smart cache , the Y540 also has memory and storage to back up the processing Power of its Intel processors

Review of Lenovo Legion Y540

Review From My friend it also have Lenovo Legion Y540. Lenovo Legion y540 with 9750Hz. Overall I consider this one to be one of, if not the best mid range gaming laptop out there for the price. the only problem they had with it is the V key was falling off, contacted with Lenovo support and they immediately tried to help and had a box send over and shipping label printed to get a fixed, I ended up being able to fix it myself by unbending the hook the key sat on a tiny bit, no problem to speak of otherwise. In fact I am very impressed with the performance, does not under volt as far as I have seen some 9750h’s but as far as i know Lenovo cant do anything about that and just luck of the silicone lottery, it does however go to -130 on core/cache so still a noticeable improvement. cooling is good but not great, nothing new with all Gaming laptops and its okay out of the box, but I recommend repasting with some high end thermal paste. I would personally consider the screen above average for the price, most surprised by absolute no light bleed i can see, no 2 panels are the same but this seems to be a trend for this series of laptops, colour are also excellent, very vibrant. screen gets plenty bright indoors but you may have trouble viewing some stuff outside in direct sunlight, but how many times honestly will you have the sun directly pointing at the screen? personally build quality reminds me of my old t440p, so darn good, little flex, keyboard that feels Amazing to type on with good back light, feels very study and although completely Plastic, The rubbery coating on and around the keyboard fells incredible and very comfortable, it does pick up a fair amount of hand oils, but takes one or two swipes with a clean to remove them so a fair trade in my eyes. overall 9/10 gaming laptop, the only downside I described seems to be very rare as i found next to nothing online when trying to troubleshoot and was incredible easy to fix, a strong Recommendation from Me

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